Monday, June 15, 2009

Top Ten Things Not To Say

Top ten things not to say to a Japanese girl.
This was a survey taken from Japanese woman in their 20's.

10. The smell of the perfume she is using is too strong. 2.2%

9. You can never be better than an actress (Comparing her to a actress) 7.2%

8. Your fashion stinks 7.2%

7. Complaining that the meal she made is junk. (She tried her best) 8.2%

6. Don't like her new hairstyle that she thought you would. 9.2%

5. "You are like a old lady." (Even if you said it as a joke) 11.2%

4. "You are not ladylike." (Can't understand the disagreement of values) 12.0%

3. Compare her with your girl friends. 12.2%

2. Noticing her unwanted hair. 13.2%

and the Number 1 thing not to say to a Japanese girl is...

Did you get Fat? 17.4%

Gotten this list from this SITE.

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Anonymous said...

Arent those the things u shouldnt say to any women in the world?

Fried Toast said...

Aren't those things that you ought not to say to ANYone? Just common courtesy, IMO.

What's w/ #2, btw? Noticing unwanted hair?

Majipineapple said...

Fried Toast

I think it means like
unshaved armpit hairs
hairy legs
bikini line

Make sense?
Just don't say anything even if the girl forgets to shave.

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