Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hadaka Matsuri

This festival is about grabbing a holy stick that drops down from the center of the temple and your job is to take it back to one of the corners of the temple grounds.
You get crowned the lucky guy of the year and I think you get some money too.
The festival is crazy! There are lots of fighting, pulling, and stomping.
It is like a huge Mosh Pit.

People have actually died from this festival from being trampled on.
Great read about this festival here.

It is just amusing watching naked men fighting for the stick.

I heard that people even tries to hide the stick in their thongs(Maki).
Imagine people finding it in your undies and grabbing it from you. You just have to yell "Wrong Stick!!"

There are people with microphones facilitating the festival but all you hear from them is "Oi sokono hadaka, kenka wo yamenasai."
Meaning: Hey you naked guy over there, stop fighting!"
Yeah, All of them are naked, so which one??

If you have the chance to go to Japan, Check it out!

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