Sunday, November 1, 2009

Japanese: How early for Sex?

A survey of woman in their 20's was done asking how early do you have sex from becoming a couple.

10. Have sex before going out (2.6%)

9. Half a year (3.4%)

8. Over one year (4.4%)

7. Within a year (6.0%)

6. The next date after becoming a couple (6.6%)

5. Right after becoming a couple (9.0%)

4. 3 months after (11.4%)

3. After a few platonic dates (16.0%)

2. Confession -> Kiss -> Sex After three dates (20.0%)

and the #1 time frame of first sex is.....

One month after becoming a couple.

So now you know how early you can get some from a Japanese Woman.
Have fun and be safe...

Survey gotten from here LINK

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